Being Mobile First : What does that mean ?

You’ve probably heard about being “Mobile First” in your business from countless sources. Everyone knows that term, but what does that really mean ? Is it about making a mobile App for your business ? The answer is No. Its not just about making a mobile App for iOS or Android and call it a day. Being Mobile First is a philosophy, a technological and business mindset if you will.

As humans our normal state of being is mobile. Moving from one place to the next is natural for us. Before the penetration of smart phones into our society, business productivity and processes were tied to the desks. But now, your business can let go of the old assumptions of being tied down to one geographical location. Your business for the first time in human history can be aligned naturally to the mobile nature of our society. Being Mobile First starts by acknowledging that fact. Think of the ways your business was tied down to the desks, fixed locations and times. Think what new opportunities may come by eliminating inefficiencies by using mobile supercomputers. Your clients, customers, employees and partners are all mobile. Information they generate is also mobile. Making all elements of your business tap into that information and making connections between them is about being Mobile First.

Being Mobile First does come at a price. You have to rethink many aspects of your business and invest resources to transition to the new technologies. The new wave of mobiles businesses like Uber, Lyft, Washio are just a few examples of what the rest of the businesses will look like in near future.

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