Camera With An Unlimited Instagram Style Filters

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Create Gorgeous Photos With Popmatic Camera

Real-time Filter Preview

Have you ever imagined, how instagram type filters would look like on a live video ? Now Popmatic is the only App on the App Store that shows you your favourite filters on LIVE video before you hit that button. This will allow you to see how your photos would really look like before you take them.

Creates amazing new filters Automatically

Fun filters makes all the difference when we want to bring the best emotions out of our photos. Lets face it, life would be hell without filters 🙂 So why have 4 or 5 or even 10 filters, with Popmatic we give you UNLIMITED photo filters that will give you large possibilities to play with. Surprise your friends by showing amazing photos that even their Instagram App can not take.

Popmatic has the FASTEST photo editing on the App Store.

Guys, life is short, why wait for something that can be done in an instant!! With our advanced realtime photo editing, you can brighten, sharpen and colorify your photos before you even think about doing it! Its literally that fast.

Photo Stamps

We are crazy about Photo Stamps and they will take your imagination on a magic carpet ride! hold on to that seat belt..We have fun and hilarious stamps that you can put on your photos and make it rad. Fire, Gunshots, Sunglasses and Pine Trees to name a few. If photos are worth thousand words..Photo Stamps are 5 thousand! :))

Note Stamps

Photos are all good, but what if you really want to say something about it? What if you want to write a little story with your picture ? Ladies and Gentlemen with Note Stamps we give you ability to add fun notes to your photos. Not only that, each Note Stamp is unique with its own style and fonts. There is not a single moment that can’t be expressed by the Note Stamps.

✤ Popmatic is a great App to use as your Status Updates on Facebook and Twitter.
✤ Use front and/or back camera to take photos or choose photos from your album to apply filters.
✤ Simple, Fun and Intuitive to use.
✤ Amazing 3D User Interface graphics.
✤ High Resolution Photos.
✤ Share with Facebook, Twitter, Email or Save to your photo album
Whether you want to show your results to your friends and family or the whole world, Popmatic has got you covered. Share your pics on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. Or go the simple route and email them from right within the app.


☺ – This is a good app.You get quite a few effects that I haven’t seen in any other apps and you can adjust brightness, contrast etc. You can select photos from camera roll. You also can apply stamps, frames, texts and borders which are totally unique to this app. Please add more effects and the option to draw on areas you want to brighten, no other app has this.

could be awesome

Cool pic app!! – I love this app!! So many things to do with your pics!!


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